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Established in 1976, College Transfer Guide has become the most widely used transfer recruitment publication in the United States. Hundreds of two-year colleges use College Transfer Guide for their students interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.

What’s in a College Transfer Guide?

  • Listings of accredited four-year colleges and universities located predominantly in the eastern United States. Information includes: transfer requirements, course offerings, tuition, admissions contact, e-mail and web addresses.

  • Comprehensive Financial Aid info including tuition tax credits, grants, loans and work study.

  • Cross reference section of majors

  • Editorial including “Tips for the Transfer Student” and “Statement of Transfer Student’s Rights and Responsibilities.”

  • Student Response Cards

Who gets copies of College Transfer Guide?
Copies are requested and distributed to students completing their Associate’s degree who wish to transfer to a four-year college. Sufficient copies are sent so that students may take their own personal copy.

What are Regional Editions?
Colleges offering a Bachelor’s degree may choose from one of four regional editions to place a customized student response card.

Regional Editions of College Transfer Guide

  • New England

  • New York State

  • New Jersey/Pennsylvania/Ohio

  • Delaware/Maryland/Virginia

Attention 2 Year Colleges:
Call 800-433-7771 or Email if you would like to be put on our mailing list or need additional copies of College Transfer Guide.

Attention College Representatives:
Call 800-433-7771 or Email if you would like information about placing a student response card in the next edition of College Transfer Guide.

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