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Campus Location

Pennsylvania College of Technology


1 College Ave

Williamsport, PA 17701, USA


Experience Acquired

At Pennsylvania College of Technology, you’re not just building and sharpening your skills. You’re learning alongside faculty already proven in their careers, working with the latest technology, and pushing your boundaries. You’re doing the in-demand work that tomorrow needs, the kind that drives the economy, in cutting-edge facilities on top-of-the-line equipment. Across every degree and credential, you’re becoming qualified not just to thrive in your industry, but to lead it.

Guaranteed Momentum

From their very first semester, our students use the same equipment as leaders in their fields. Whipping up gourmet cuisine in state-of-the-art commercial kitchens. Restoring iconic vintage cars on loan from museums and industry partners. Growing plants sustainably in our hydroculture garden. You’ll be actively immersed in your career and see the impact your work will have on the industries of tomorrow.

Future Made By Hand

The best part of living with a group of students pursuing different paths is how they band together to make Penn College their own. With so many ways to get involved in college life, you’ll always be a part of something here. Because the college experience is about so much more than classrooms, lectures, and textbooks. It’s about exploring, joining, leading, and recharging, too.

Ready. Set. Succeed.

Whether you’re just starting your college plan, gearing up to complete a bachelor’s degree, or looking for a new direction, Penn College offers full transfer support and seamless bachelor-degree pathways in all of our academic areas.

To learn more about Pennsylvania College of Technology, visit, or contact the Admissions Office at 800-367-9222 or

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