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The Transfer Process - What to Ask During Campus Visits

The campus visit allows you to see and experience firsthand what the campus culture is all about and helps you to determine if that college would be a good fit for you.

As a transfer student, there are specific questions you should ask during your campus visit that go beyond what a traditional student should ask:

• What types of activities are available for transfer students to ease the transition to the four-year college? Is there a separate orientation for transfer students?

• Are there student organizations or specific programs for transfer students?

• Are there opportunities for transfer students to get involved in undergraduate research? Study abroad?

• Is there a specific transfer student adviser?

• Who evaluates transfer credit? Can you find out prior to enrolling how your credit will transfer?

• Are there certain levels of courses that will be off-limit to you as a transfer student, potentially coming in with junior standing? For instance, some colleges limit intro level language courses to first and sophomore year students. If these courses are part of your degree requirements and you are not transferring them in, you will need to know how you will be able to get the credit.

• What percent of the student population are transfer students from community colleges?

• What is the housing situation like for transfer students? Is on-campus housing reserved for transfers? What kind of housing is available for undergraduate students with children and families?

• Is there an office for commuting students? Does it have a study space or an area that students can use between classes?

• Are child care services available for students?

• Does the school offer application fee waivers?

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