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College Transfer Guide

A Guide to 4-Year Colleges for Community
and 2-Year College Graduates


Established in 1976, College Transfer Guide has become the most widely used transfer publication in the United States. Hundreds of two-year colleges use College Transfer Guide for their students interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.

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Transfer Students Rights and Responsibilities
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How To Pay For College
Financial Aid - How to Pay for College
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For College Transfer Students
10 Important Tips for College Transfer Students

You have completed your associate’s degree. Congratulations. Now what? Are you ready to further your education by enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program? Key questions you need to ask yourself include: Will all my credits be accepted at the college where I am applying? What’s the difference between two-year and four- year colleges? What subjects do I want to study? Do I want to live on campus or at home? Can my family afford to send me to a private school? How much financial aid is available? What about joining one of the military services and continuing my education afterwards?


You may have already discussed several possibilities with your transfer counselor, family members and friends. Perhaps you have created a list of “safety schools” and “reach schools.”


Many of the four-year colleges listed in this guide have made a special effort to reach out to the two- year college student. Their admissions offices are equipped to handle all your inquiries including transfer credits and transfer application deadlines. Contacting these schools directly lets admissions directors know that you have a genuine interest in transferring to their school.


As a transfer student, you are a highly sought after candidate for college admissions. You have fulfilled your basic requirements and are ready to pursue a more in depth course of study. You will learn new things, make new friends, visit interesting places and study subjects that will most likely set you on a path toward your life’s work.

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